Friday, July 10, 2009

Experiments in parenthood

I am exhausted today. For some reason, Kate hasn't been sleeping well the past couple nights. I blame it on the cantaloupe I've been consuming lately, but I'm not too sure. Lilly had a tummy ache the night before last and Bradley woke up an hour a half earlier than normal this morning. All of this combined makes me one tired lady! John is working an 11 hour day today and I seriously was questioning whether I could make it all day with no rest.

Today after lunch I flopped down on the couch and closed my eyes. I decided it would be interesting to see what would happen if I pretended to be asleep for just 15 minutes (possibly testing to see if maybe, just maybe, I could catch a little cat nap). Lilly comes into the room. "Mommy! Are we goi-...." She stops when she realizes I'm "asleep". I hear her go into the other room and say "Boys, you need to be quiet because Mommy is sleeping in the other room." She then proceeds to get a blanket out of my room and cover me up. When she sees that the blanket isn't quite long enough she fetches some socks (my favorite, cozy pair, might I add) and puts them on me the leaves the room. So sweet! Then enters....the boys! Luke sees me on the couch and uses his toy rolling pin to roll up and down my body over and over. From my my chin, singing his "rolling pin" song. Bradley, my little trouble-maker, decides this is the prime time to venture into Mommy and Daddy's room to do a little exploring (a big no-no in this house). My experiement was cut short when I heard Luke yell "Mommy! Brad got into your deodorant!" It lasted 5 minutes. So, no cat nap was taken. Too risky. But thankfully, Oh! so thankfully, everyone was willing to lay down for a little quiet time this afternoon and I got a good 45 minutes of peace and quiet.

So the conclusion of my little experiment?
Children are funny!

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my day! :) How's your day?



jenifriend said...

lol what a great story! it was a nice experiment to see how long such things could last. who knows, maybe each time you try the experiment you'll gain an extra minute...perhaps? :)

Marie said...

HA HA! Lilly is such a sweetheart. Luke, not so sensitive to your needs. Then there's Brad. Oh Brad...

Banana said...

That was a cute story!!