Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm currently reading a book called Thirsty by Amy Nappa. It follows the story of the woman at the well that Jesus met with. It's a cross between a fiction and christian living book. As I was reading today I came across a paragraph that struck me so much and was so meaningful that I had to share it.

"Like that Woman at the Well, you are so much more valuable than your society is telling you. You possess within you that beauty of soul that comes only from the hand of an infinite Artist. God smiles when he looks at you, because he alone can see the heart that reflects his creative light and genius.
When you are a wreck- physically, emotionally, and spiritually; when you find yourself an outcast with voices on all sides spreading gossip about your great failures and hurtful deeds; when you take a good look at yourself and realize the accusations are true, that you really are guilty as charged; when your worst accuser is the voice of your own conscience- then lift up your eyes. Like that Woman at the Well, catch a glimpse of Jesus' gaze. His eyes see who you are meant to be; his arms are open, ready to welcome your soul back into his healing presence.
When you hear your world (or your own voice) telling you something less than that, just smile and suggest that those thoughts go jump in a lake, because you know what your society finds unpopular to admit:
God hides you in his heart.
And that's what really matters."

What a beautiful God I serve!
Be blessed!

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jenifriend said...

gosh you just hit the nail on the head with this one. thank you, dear are awesome at speaking to me!!