Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello, old friend!

Back in the day, when Lilly was younger, I actually used to sew most of Lilly and my clothing. But, then I had 3 more children and life got a little busy. I hadn't sewn anything in the past year and a half. My last pregnancy was VERY exhausting and then with having a newborn, I felt it was better to hire someone to do my sewing for me. My church ladies were even so very generous as to hold a special sewing day just for baby Kate. I came home with a whole 6-9 month wardrobe for her! But, the sewing bug has been getting to me lately. I miss it. So I dusted off the old machine, bought some fabric, and slooooowly started working on a church dress for Kate.

Not too bad, right? You can't tell too much from the picture but it's a really sweet shade of green. And yes, I know that that's Lilly holding the dress and not Kate actually wearing the dress. Kate wore the dress to church on Sunday but I forgot to get a picture. Sorry! I didn't grow up sewing and this was my first baby dress I've ever made. And considering the pattern didn't come with any instructions, it turned out pretty well. My friend the seam ripper and I had a couple dates while making this dress but, all in all, it wasn't too hard.

So, now the sewing bug has really bit me. Kate and Lilly don't need any more dresses. I think I'm going to make some cloth napkins out of a slip cover that has seen better days and I'm also wanting to buy this:

I've been waiting anxiously for the release of this book. It looks really good! Full of crafty goodness for your home. Amanda Soule has a website soulemama.com where she shares lots of ideas and wonderful ways to get children involved in crafts.

My decorating style is...simple. Somehow, I just don't feel right going out and spending lots of money on making my home more fashionable. I suppose I feel there are better things I could spend my money on. But this book repurposes old fabrics into new things. Plus, it's things I could make myself. Sounds interesting!

Free time will be low once school starts but I'm looking forward to doing some sewing and chipping away at my mile-long reading list.

Thanks for reading!



jenifriend said...

ooh i haven't seen this book but i have another to recommend to you. :)

craft challenge: dozens of ways to repurpose a pillowcase

Paprika said...

I'm curious about this "sewing day". What exactly did that look like? A bunch of women in one room with sewing machines? What type of clothes did you come home with? How many hours did it take?
I think this sounds like a fun idea! Maybe I could do something like that here. Very cool.

TheMama said...

I have a sewing machine. I need to learn how to use it! I didn't have anyone to teach me how to be crafty, but I have taught myself how to crochet a little. Knowing how to sew is very useful! Good luck with your future sewing projects. :)