Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crafty Endeavors

I, by no means, claim to be a crafty person. But something has happened to me recently. I am actually enjoying creating things. Maybe it's the fact that my children are growing up. For the first time in 6 years I don't have a baby or am not pregnant. (Does a 15 month old still count as a baby? I'm not sure!)

I've also found myself wanting to create special little keepsakes for the children. Something that they will look at when they are older and say "Aw. My mom made that for me." So, here are my two latest projects for the girls.

I've really been loving the look of embroidery hoop wall art that I've seen here and there. Easy, cheap, and really cute! My only rule of decorating is that if I am going to put it on my wall it has to have some sort of spiritual significance. I want the things we look at every day to lift ours eyes to things above. So I decided to make each hoop for a different fruit of the spirit. My original idea was to use Emily's idea. But I was on the 3rd letter of the 1st of 9 stencils and realized this was NOT going to work. I didn't have the time. So I resorted to free handing with puffy paint. I didn't think it turned out too bad. Actually, I really like it. I used a mixture of leftover fabric from Lilly's quilt and some that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby.

I saw this next project on Centsational Girl and instantly fell in love with it. What's funny is the very day before I saw it Lilly was asking if she could have some throw pillows for her bed. I knew I had to make this for her. I found a really cute tea towel on etsy for $3 and let Lilly pick out the fabric she wanted from my scraps.

I have a 2 other pillow ideas for her bed that I am working on. After that on to something for the boys. My! Crafting is fun!


Keri said...

You go crafty girl! It's a great outlet for the stresses of daily life:) Nothing makes me happier than having a little project going....making our house a happier place with pretty/meaningful things:) Very cute ideas!

Tracey said...

Your projects turned out beautifully!! Maybe you can even inspire this very "non-crafty" mom to attempt a few things!

Dusti said...

I came to your blog via the back to school blog hop but, then I scrolled down and saw this post. So, I'm commenting here. Hope that's ok. :) I love, love this embroidery hoop idea. I too don't think of myself as craft. Although if cooking counts then I may be alright. Anyway thanks for sharing this. I'm going to see if my oldest want to try making some with me.