Monday, August 2, 2010

Curriculum Week 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Heart of the Matter Online (one of my FAVORITE homeschool websites) is hosting their" Not Back to School Blog Hop" this month....get it...Not back to school...because we homeschool...heh heh. Anyway, this week is curriculum week. There is something about finally offically deciding what curriculum you are going to use. It's a very triumphant feeling. You just have to share!

Lilly-1st grade

I have also promised Lilly that this year we will do a lot more hands on activities.



Christian Light- ABC Readiness Series- they have this marked as a kindergarten curriculum. But after looking over the material I thought it was way too easy to be at the kindergarten level. So we use it for preschool. It has looks of coloring/cutting/pasting/etc. Lots to keep active little boys busy!

Learn your Letters, Learn to Serve- I am so excited to try this curriculum. Laura, over at Heavenly Homemakers (another one of my FAVORITE sites and the one who motivates me keep cooking healthy) has come up with this fabulous curriculum that teaches little ones their letters while teaching them to serve others. Go check it out! She's a curriculum genius, I tell ya!

That's what we've got for this year! We will be ordering our books this week and are planning to start school in September. Oh on to lesson planning and scheduling....

Thanks for checking in!



Giggly Girls said...

It looks like a fun year. And you've got the best part ahead, the ordering and scheduling. Enjoy your year!

Julie said...

Yes the lesson planning lol. I'm in the middle of that right now as well. At least you have until September lol. Good luck with it all.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Looks like you have a wonderful year planned for your kiddos! We are really excited about getting started again soon; this will be our 4th year. Happy Schooling!

Vickie said...

I saw your link on the Blog hop. You have a beautiful the colors. We were suppose to start our school year today....we postponed it til next Monday (Aug 9th).

Have a great year!

God's Blessings

Amanda said...

Aw! Thanks ladies! Ya'll had no idea how much I needed some encouraging words today. Happy schooling to you all too!

Sheri said...

That looks like a fun year you have planned. I am going to check out that lady's stuff-even tho we're past the pre-K level, it is always good to know of it for when others ask for ideas. Thanks for sharing. :0)

Marie said...

I'm proud of you. You are a great mom and I know your kids are going to learn a ton this year. Love you!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Following you from Heart of the Matter
YAY!! Hands on is GREAT for kids. I have a 'special needs' girl and hands on has turned out to be our life line. They learn so much more when they get to touch it. I'll never forget the first time she knew an answer in public (about why a snake sticks its tongue out.) She knew it because we had went to the local snake museum and happened to get a private show with one of the staff and that was one of the things we talked about- while she was actually petting a snake. The tactile learning reinforced what she had heard. She still talks about how she got that question right! :)
Check out our site. We have a post on HS organization!
Best of luck this year.
Tiffany @ HGF

Manda @ Lambs In His Arms said...
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Manda @ Lambs In His Arms said...

Hi there! I picked your link to click on first out of the 100's of Blog Hop participants because your name is Amanda. :) You have a beautiful blog! I read about that "Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve" curriculum somewhere else; it sounds really neat! I might have to check that out for my own preschooler. Best wishes for a happy homeschool year!

~ Manda @ Lambs In His Arms :)