Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 17 {Technology}

I'm not that into technology.
My husband though...that's a different story.
He's fascinated by all the advancements that are being made.
I usually don't get to excited about it all but there was one thing that I thought was pretty neat.

This little guy.
The Square.

It's a pocket sized credit card reader that fits into your iPhone or iPad's audio jack.
We run a small computer repair business and this has been so helpful. Now when a client comes to pick up a computer or John does a house call we can accept credit cards.
Having a garage sale?
Selling something on Craigslist?
Having a bake sale for a fundraiser?
Now you can accept credit cards!
How cool!


mimory said...

Your fabulous new camera is also a wonder of modern day technology. I always felt that the true purpose of technology should be to widen our scope of vision and understanding to things previously unheard of or unseen. Both the credit card reader and the beauty of your photographs meet that criteria. :)

MSLibLady said...

Wow! That is a neat little thing!

Cindy P said...

Whoa! That is a cool piece of technology! How neat!

Trish said...

It is unbelieve what technology can do! Great photo

crickle1969 said...

That is way cool!