Saturday, July 2, 2011


Just outside of our small town we have this really amazing produce shop. It is run by one farm and they have pretty much anything you could want there. Watermelon, peas, squash, and of course, peaches (this is Georgia afterall!) and that is only fraction. They sell hand-painted birdhouses, canned and baked good. They even have a little place where you can buy homemade peach ice cream. It's wonderful. One of my favorite things is that every year they plant a huge field just full of zinnia's and sunflowers. You can come and pick your own for only 10 cents a stem.

Well, me and my flower-loving daughter (Lilly- appropriately named) are taking full advantage of this!

One thing that we didn't take into consideration, this field was mud-dy. We were planning to go all the way to the back corner because nobody ever trudges all the way back there. We got about halfway out there and realized our feet were caked with mud.

We decided to get our flowers from where we were and then sat down under one of the pecan trees and tried to de-mud ourselves before we went tromping into the store to pay.

We didn't do too well.
But we got enough flowers to fill up 2 vases and it only cost us...

And, believe it or not, they were used to the mud. :)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house?


Keri said...

They are gorgeous! I would go nuts there!

Melissa said...

Wow! These are beautiful! :-) My boys would even love to do this!

mimory said...

You should grow your own zinnias!! They are SO easy, and fill a little corner of your yard or garden with wild and beautiful colors. On a walk recently, Jane and I saw where someone had uprooted a zinnia plant and left it sitting beside the side walk, drying out a bit and its root-ball exposed. She brought it home with us, potted it, and put it on her window sill. That was about two weeks ago, and it now has two more blooms and more buds coming on it. They are as easy to grow as marigolds, but so many more varied colors!! :)

Paprika said...

I love that store idea! How fun!