Thursday, September 22, 2011

Field Trip :: Habitat for Humanity Global Village

One thing that is important to John and I is that we teach our children to have a servant's heart. We want to live that out in our community as well as around the world. We want our children to understand that there is a large chunk of the world that doesn't live with the luxuries that we have and as followers of Christ we are to use the gifts He has given us to help others. Since we haven't had the opportunity to go on a family mission trip yet (so excited to do that one day!) we decided to take a short field trip so they could see (somewhat) how others live across the globe.

We have the privilege of living close to the Habitat for Humanity International Headquarters. And they have a global village set up which includes a mock third world village as well as models of all the houses they build in different countries.

They did a fantastic job of making it look realistic.

They also had several signs around that engaged the children to think about what they were seeing.

You could walk in all the buildings and touch, look, and explore.

Then you entered into the habitat houses section. Which they had split up into continents and then countries. After walking through the third world village it was a stark contrast.

At the reception area they handed each of the children a little passport.

In each house there was a stamping station and the children could stamp their passport. My children LOVED this! They would run into each house and search for it. :)

This was one of my favorite houses. So pretty!

Each house had little artifacts that people from that country had sent to be put in the houses. They had Bibles of every language! As well as pictures from various housing projects from that country.

We had a great time.

Speaking of servants heart, check out what this mom decided to do to celebrate her birthday. So inspirational!

What are some ways you and your family serve others? How do you teach your children about other cultures?


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Jillm said...

this looks awesome... what a great field trip! wish i could have seen this perspective when i was their age.