Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hello everyone! I realized last night that I had gotten out of the habit of posting my menu plans. Maybe I'm a bit odd (quite possible!) but I have always loved reading other peoples menu plans, getting new ideas, and new recipes. I also really love menu planning. I usually pick out a couple cookbooks, grab a notebook, pen and ice water and have fun browsing over all the recipes. I own about 3 Mennonite/Amish cookbooks and this week, for some reason, most of my recipes came from those 3 cookbooks. What can I say? They have great recipes!

~Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting (whole wheat flour, no sugar...I have no guilt.)
~cereal (we go to church over an hour away and so lately I have been buying cereal as a fast Sunday breakfast)
~biscuits with butter and honey/fruit
~baked oatmeal/ blueberries

Lunch- I never plan for lunches!
~whatever I throw together!

~Swedish Meatballs/egg noodles/ green beans
~Crockpot spaghetti/salad/homemade french bread
~Navajo Tacos/ Cornbread
~Savory rice/ salad/ homemade bread
~Upside down pizza/ fruit
~Grilled cheese/tomato soup

Thanks for dropping by!


mimory said...

I've always loved looking through cookbooks and making menus, too. Sometimes I miss cooking for a big family, as with just Jerry and I, I have to be very careful I don't cook too much, unless I'm planning on it for freezing part of it. But, there's something about hungry kids and a satisfying meal planed that makes me happy down inside.

Paprika said...

I'm curious about the savory to share?? I don't think you're odd at all. :)

Amanda said...

Erika- savory rice is just a very simple rice dish from the More with Less cookbook. I'll email it to you!