Thursday, February 21, 2008

The simple life

I love southern country living. It's taken me a little while to adjust but I've become very fond of this place I live. Southerners have their own little culture down here. I love the way everyone waves. It doesn't matter if you've ever met the person or not, when you drive by someone, you wave or you are considered incredibly rude. I love the way children refer to adults as Miss or Mister. The librarian in town is Miss Linda. The UPS lady is Miss Anita. The guy at the hardware store- Mister Matt. Many a time have I gone into our little town grocery store with the children and had some older man pick up a pack of M&M's give it to the children and tell Miss Susan (the lady who owns the place) to put it on his tab. And yes, everywhere has tabs. We have tabs at the grocery store, the hardware store, the farm supply store, the fabric store. :) You come in and pay it off every month or so. Kind of like credit without the card or interest. I love hearing the neighbors rooster in the morning. It's just a good life. John and I were born and raised city kids. I was very unsure when we first moved into the country but now I don't know think I could ever go back. The air smells too good out here.

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