Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My new day

I've been ridiculous with the schedules lately. Honestly. It's like some sort of weird postpartum nesting syndrome or something. Maybe it's just the fact that Kate has reached an age where I can actually get things done....maybe. Anyway, for several weeks now I've been wanting to come up with a daily schedule for me and the children. Finally, today I got motivated enough to get it done. Not a minute too soon either, with school starting up soon. Keep in mind as you read this that this is a very flexible schedule because babies need to be fed, children get boo boo's, someone gets a berry stuck up their nose (don't ask), and accidents happen. But here's my tentative daily schedule for this coming school year!

5:30- (ambitious? VERY!) get up, get dressed, pray, read Bible, check email, start laundry
6:30- get breakfast ready
6:45- breakfast with John
7:30- children get up, they will listen to the Bible on cd, read, or draw while I get their breakfast ready. Breakfast, clean up.
8:15- get children dressed, teeth brushed, chore training time (feed the cat, pick up dirty clothes, toys, etc)
8:45- Praise and Prayer (daily proverb, daily character trait, song, and prayer)
9:00- start school
10:30- snack time
11:00- start lunch (we eat our bigger meal of the day at noon), free time, outside play, listen to music
11:30- quick clean up
12:00- Lunch with John, clean up
1:00- kitchen time (bake, work on breakfast for tomorrow, etc.)
2:00- Brad and Kate's nap time, finish school
3:30- free time, laundry, story time, snacks, etc.
4:30- quick clean up
5:30- start on supper
6:00- supper, clean up
6:45- family time, free time, story time
8:15- children get ready for bed
8:30- family devotions, bed time story
9:00- children in bed, mommy and daddy time
10:30- Bed. Sweet Bed.

That's it! I've heard from several different people that children actually like to have a schedule. They feel better knowing what is expected of them. And a little structure around here would be a good thing. You have no idea how chaotic it can be with 4 children 5 and under living in your home until you've been there. Anybody??

I'm still planning on posting my schedule for the children's school work sometime. All of it is open to change though depending on what turns out working well and what doesn't.

Thanks for reading,


Erica said...

Wow I'm tired reading about your day. But you're right kids thrive on schedules. I might have to steal your Praise and proverb idea. I love it.

Our growing family said...

Sounds good!
I hear ya, I had four in less than 5yrs too! =)
I feel as though I am always trying to have a schedule, know how the days get! =) Thankfully, with homeschool starting soon, it will be a bit more normal!

jenifriend said...

oh amanda i am praying for you that you'll be able to reach this goal of organization!! :)